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 Join Us To Support the Abandoned,  Underprivileged,  and Needy Children in Liberia​​


Please help us support these needy or suffering children in school. Some of them need tuition A$15.00 per semester$45.00.00for the year and some need uniform  $15.00 per child
There are still some that need backpacks and school supplies to continue their education$65.00 You can also choose  to support a teacher monthly$35.00 stipend per month                                                     



Your much needed and appreciated donations can be sent to:

Sure and Firm Foundation
c/o Refuge Baptist Church
6712-20 Upland Street
Philadelphia, PA.19142

There are many needs that we have. We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us in helping us reach Liberia for Christ.

A. Monthly Mission Support:
          We welcome your one time gift offering or donation , but we ask that you would prayerfully consider a long term partnership and a monthly donation. Each month The Sure an Firm Foundation needs $625.00 to operate and serve our community of Outreach. The Monthly costs for the ministry are teacher salaries, and feeding for our orphans and neglected children 4 bags of rice ($50.00-55.00 a bag)in a month as well as  other food supplies, gasoline  for the generators and the stoves, clothing, and medical supplies and a little stipend for the cooks, tutors and Aides . It is important to note that there are No administrative funding or Stipends included It is our passion to serve the needy Kids of Liberia . This means that our Director and other staffs  do not receive a salary or any monetary benefit. Our American Support Team and fundraisers are all volunteers. Every donation received  goes directly to the needs of the ministry in Liberia to serve the orphans, neglected and abandoned children of our community of service, and,  outreach.

B. Designated FUNDS
          We have special needs above and beyond the $625.00 basic monthly expense of the ministry. At any time you are led feel free to donate to one of our projects or needs.

                    1) Construction of our first Orphanage
                              Our Orphans and children presently live in temporary living arrangement and some live with relatives who cannot really take good care of them but uses them as tools for survivals for their livelihood and personal benefit neglecting them We have purchase an  acre of land and would like to build a village where we will have our orphanage, school and 2 homes for our teachers in the village . The approximate cost is $50.000.00usd for the Orphanage and $12,500.00 per home for the connection. Our Teachers have to walk an hour twenty minutes  each day to get to the school to teach our orphans and other children With the two homes on the campus or Village our teachers can stay there for the  week and return to their families on the weekend

                    2) homes or Houses for the Teachers
                      The Foundation has the vision of constructing an Orphanage and starting with  2 small homes or houses that cost $12,500.00usd  each. Most of the teachers live far from the village  the one acre village when constructed will be named New Hope ",A home in the Village e will be called a cottage . And the Cottages  when constructed will be name  after the donors or anyone of their choice for example if donate by Mr Jones it can be call the Jones Cottage

                                      Dropping off clothes supplies and books for School
You are free to   Drop off Clothes and books or  Ship  to the  address below

Sure and Firm Foundation
6525 Linmore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA.19142